USTREM-97 Ltd. was set up in 1997. The company holds a license for TOURIST OPERATOR No. 03067 and is a member of BATA. Its headquarters are located in Sofia, and the regional offices – in Varna.
The agency won recognition as a professional organizer of international and national events. The team of USTREM-97 Ltd. involves highly experienced and long practice experts.


The agency offers and guarantees the following services:

  • Transportation – own transport, transfers;
  • Reservation and sale of air tickets;
  • Accommodation (in hotels according to customer’s requirements);
  • Congress halls of various capacity and complete technical equipment;
  • Interpreters – simultaneous translations, interpreters - companions, guides;
  • Caterings (dinner parties, business and official lunches, including catering, coffee breaks, cocktails etc.);
  • Coordination, communication, accreditation of event participants (preliminary correspondence, current correspondence – Internet, fax, telephone);
  • Provision of standing information desks at the accommodation and catering places, transfer places etc.);
  • Working out of the materials needed for the work of the conference event (forms, folders, ball-point pens, badges etc.);
  • Accommodation of tourists for summer holidays and tours;
  • Balneology;
  • Guaranteed possibility for organization of additional bus excursions or visits at specific architectural and historical monuments;

In the field of advertising the agency won recognition as professional and correct partner as from its establishment up until now. The agency is specialized in various advertisement fields: printed advertising (materials – notebooks, business cards, forms, leaflets etc.), broadcast media (radio, television), printed publications (newspapers, magazines).
Our direct contracts with most of the broadcast and printed media allow us to negotiate higher discounts. All services provided by USTREM-97 Ltd. to its customers are backed up by preliminary contracts and reservations.
For more convenience USTERM-97 Ltd. offers to its regular customers non-cash payment once per month.
For the implementation of its overall activity the agency disposes of the required communication and business equipment.
USTREM-97 Ltd. guarantees its total cooperation in order to turn your assignments in reality at the highest possible level.
With the hope of fruitful future cooperation,

Yours faithfully,
Rumiana Todorova – Manager